Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cikapundung Market Revitalization (2009)

This thesis investigates the root of problem which causes Cikapundung Market leave behind. Base on investigated, the comfort of the visitors become one of important aspect which must be fulfilled beside some other factors such as the limitation of capital, short chain distribution (self production, lower price) emphasizing the price of products can be optimal, the quality of products has been fulfilled by this market. Another factor has been detected is numberless of the seller's market which only for firm customers (the business man and few people who need special products from Cikapundung) with recently come another retails competitively cause the decrease of the visitors every year in the Cikapundung market globally.
The revitalization of market Cikapundung in this thesis viewed as an integration/combination of contextual for the region which experience degradation in the downtown area where its existence can partake in returning the area vitality (commerce area of street corridor Cikapundung). Site character of Cikapundung market which located at Cikapundung river bank become one of the urban physical element which specialty discuss in this thesis. The unique phenomenon happened at commerce corridor where informal sector more develop rather than formal sector of the area especially in open space of Cikapundung river bank. The current reflection of social, economic and culture condition which already exist in the Cikapundung river bank becomes amendable an authorized capital potency as an integrated to the riverfront development at site of Cikapundung market.
Base on that background mentioned above, the main purpose of this thesis to formulate the applicable revitalization principles at scheme of downtown building with farm character residing in river bank especially the study case of Cikapundung market revitalization at Cikapundung river bank. Multi design approach is applied for design optimization, hopefully can be a solution (problem solving) to revitalize Cikapundung market. So emerging design expected be able to adopt and assimilates all requirement of public and becomes the area catalyst.

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